Sweet Fern Guest House


 Rick and Lisa...you have obviously worked together to create something pleasing...the overall effect is soothing and relaxing.  Congratulations on your creation.  It's a wonderful composition. 

 Sara and Jeff...sitting on the porch, laughing together watching the swallows fly through the fields of wild daisies and seeing the Milky Way and North Star up close.  You created a perfect space to just be.

 Jim and Ann...we relaxed on the deck, enjoyed watching the beautiful Arabian horses in the pasture.  Sipped cool beverages and enjoyed seeing the beautiful evening star display.

 Adele and Susan...Soudan Mine; dinner Bayview Lodge on Lake Vermilion.  Beautiful day in Ely with wolf cubs, bears and Dorothy Moltor's cabin plus some shopping and some Walleye.

 Connie...When we drove up we thought the house shaped like a barn a bit strange.  We went inside and we were stunned and we said "awesome".  So neat and cozy.  This house feels like my own home and melts our hearts.  So relaxing and welcoming.

 Joe and Kristen...relaxed, played games and fed horses.  Took lots of pictures and made some fun memories. Loved this place and look forward to coming back.

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Sweet Fern Guest House
7500 Northfield Road
Embarrass, MN 55732 
(218) 780-5417

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